Our main rooms are located in the medical suites within North Shore Private Hospital, St Leonards- Medical Suite 2 on

Level 3.


North Shore Private Hospital is located adjacent to Royal North Shore Hospital on Westbourne Street. For parking you can access via Reserve Road (from the north) or Westbourne Street. A valet parking service is available at the entrance of the private hospital. The main public hospital carpark is best accessed via Reserve Road from the North.


The closest train station is St Leonards. Follow the signs to Royal North Shore Hospital and the private hospital is located on the other side. This is a 5-10 minute walk with some incline.


Royal North Shore Hospital is on several bus routes, for details please phone the Transport Info Service on 131-500 or visit www.131500.com.au. A free shuttle bus service The Artarmon Loop operates between St Leonard’s station and the hospital campus during certain hours only.


What To Bring:

Patients attending are asked to bring their referral letter and any other relevant material to their medical condition. Without a valid referral from a medical practitioner medicare will not pay a rebate. This may include letters from other practitioners such as physiotherapists and chiropractors, and will almost always include x-rays and scans. It is vital to bring all scans and X-rays especially older scans- failure to have all the information available will often not allow an appropriate medical opinion and recommendation and/or may require further appointments.


Payment for the consultation is required at the time of the attendance- the receptionist will advise the cost of the appointment at the time of booking. Alternatively, you can fill out our appointment form online and someone will be in contact with you shortly afterwards. Any concerns please contact the office. We do not bulk bill.


If there are financial difficulties with the consultation then there is an outpatients clinic for Neurosurgical patients. For bookings Royal North Shore Hospital can be contacted on 9926 7111.


Workers Compensation and Third Party Consultations:

If you believe there is a third party guarantor for your account, these consultations require advance approval that the guarantor will cover the cost. This is required in writing. If this is not the case then the patient will be responsible for payment at the time of the consultation. If necessary we can assist to facilitate this approval if we are provided with the details including Full Name, Insurance company name, Claim Number, and and direct number of case manager. It is not the duty of this practice to ensure approval and the ultimate responsibility for care costs rests with the patient.