Patients may be admitted the day before or the day of surgery. Day before admissions may be necessary for pre-op tests or scans to be carried out. It also may be desirable for reasons of patient convenience such as distance. Day of surgery admission may be necessary because of bed availability.


Pre-operative blood tests, ECG and chest x-ray may be necessary to assist with the safety of the procedure. For most cranial cases a planning scan will be necessary.


ALL X-RAYS must be brought to the hospital. In some cases in the past surgery has had to be postponed because of lack of these scans.


DRUGS. Certain medications, including herbal and over the counter drugs will need to be ceased at least one week prior to surgery. These include, but are not limited to– Aspirin, Astrix, Cartia,Plavix, Iscover, Nurofen, Anti-inflammatories, Gingko. These drugs if not stopped may lead to bleeding and complications of surgery. Drugs such as Panadeine Forte, Digesic, and Tramadol are acceptable up until the time of surgery. If in doubt please contact the office.


As a rule most patients will be seen prior to surgery and at that stage all outstanding pre-operative questions can be discussed. Questions that need to be dealt with prior to this can be addressed by contacting the office.